Can't decide what to do with this one. This is a light weight hollow body Les Paul, likely a custom order as there is no references to this having been built. The original listing is HERE. Number 1 is as I bought it but no way to tell if that is actually as built. Since I plan on using this for my main guitar I may modify it, but not sure what looks best, I tend to dislike gold, so the chrome is what I am leaning

towards, numbers 8 or 11,

especially since my chrome

pickups are early1970's Greco

embossed Maxons, the ones

pictured here.

What combination do  you

think looks the best?

   1                      2                   3             

   4                          5                   6             

   7                          8                   9             

 10                        11                 12             

 13                        14                 15             

Los Angeles CA