Greco guitars are fantastic from the factory and compared to the US equivalent a real bargain. They make the perfect base for a customized
instrument. The guitars below are a few of my customized Grecos.
For my next one I'm going to use the Jimmy Page switching control system. I've always wondered what this wiring actually provides tone-wise, so now I will find out. Also decided to use the Seymour Duncan "Whole Lotta Humbucker" 4-wire pickups, keeping with a Led Zeppelin theme here... Also going to try the Duesenberg tremolo system as I already have several Bigsby guitars and want something new. It is easily reversed with no extra holes if I don't like it. I always upgrade to locking tuners with the 18:1 turn ratio, best modification you can make.
The parts below are what I'm using, still waiting for more to arrive.
The donor guitar. Beautiful Greco, 3 piece maple flame top, never have seen one like this. I paid a lot more than usual for a Greco Les Paul, but again this is not the typical finish, in fact I have not seen another 3 piece maple top ever. And compared to a 1970's vintage Gibson this is a real bargain. Fret edge binding means it is one of the high end Grecos, hard to tell exactly, but I don't really care. All the Grecos I have are always consistantly top quality construction, can't say the same about the many Gibson's I have owned.
Guitar arrived today, absolutely beautiful vintage 1978 Greco.
3 piece maple flame top.
Hard to believe this is a 40 year old guitar. 
Perfect guitar as is, will be even better when I'm done with the mods.
UPDATE 6-10-2018
Change of plans! I decided to leave that guitar above as is.
So I purchased a well worn 'Super Real' and used it for my donor. 
The Pickups sound absolutely fantastic and the 'Jimmy Page' wiring provides some cool tones not found in any of my other Les Paul models.

Los Angeles CA