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vintage mij links

Collecting vintage Japanese guitars is a hobby, my favorites are Greco but I also have Fernandes, Hohner, Tokai, and Epiphone guitars.

Here are some links to vintage Japanese guitar websites.
Vintage Japanese Guitars
Probably the best vintage Japanese guitar catalog source ever

Drowning in Guitars
Very cool MIJ website, lots of information on brand names used
Fernandes catalogs and other cool stuff

The UnOfficial Anything Greco Forum
A side topic to the Les Paul forum, lots of cool guitars

Article 'The True Story Behind Japanese "Lawsuit" Guitars'
If it's not an Ibanez built in1972-75 it's not a true 'lawsuit' guitar

Japanese Manufactures of MIJ guitars 1960-80
A HUGE list of 'badge' names used by Japanese guitar builders / factories

More on MIJ manufactures and badge names

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