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I no longer sell on REVERB or EBAY because they now require personal information so they can report all sales to the IRS and send you a 1099 on those sales. While this is reasonable for actual businesses, I am not a business. Like a lot of people on those platforms I buy and sell a small volume of gear for fun, and profit is the last thing on my mind. I have equipment I purchased years ago that I do not have a record of my cost, so I would be taxed the full sale amount unless I wanted to guess and risk the consequences if I were audited.

The items I have for sale are taken from my studio because they are not being used, and I would prefer to have them making music rather than collecting dust. I still use REVERB and EBAY to buy things, no tax issues there. I have a 5 star feedback rating, click the tab to see my shop, now with zero listings, but my many years of feedback is there to read.

I use PayPal for payment, I don't ask you to pay "friends and family" because I would not do that myself, you have zero protection if you get scammed. You will receive an invoice through PayPay and will have a record of the transaction along with the protections PayPal provides. 

Shipping cost will be based on what my UPS account estimates it to be to your address plus cost of packing materials minimum of $20.00. All items will only ship to your PayPal address of record, signature required. If you don't want the signature you can change that by signing online, that puts the porch pirate theft risk fully on you.

Vintage MIJ guitars are certainly high quality instruments, but they are not like high dollar vintage Fenders or Gibsons that are sometimes forged [although I did recently see a Greco Explorer rebadged as an Ibanez, what a waste of a good Greco...] so I will not be taking them apart to verify every little detail and part beyond what is shown in the listing. All guitars will be packed in a hard shell case shown in the listing, that adds around $125.00 to the cost compared to similar listings on REVERB that don't include a case so keep that in mind. I will not ship without a case to save money, please do not ask, you want a case anyway...

All items are sold as is and described via pictures and sometimes video. If you're looking at a Greco, likely you already know the model quality and specs of the guitar you are interested in and the listing should provide everything you need to determine the physical and working condition.

1958 Fender Deluxe 5e3 with custom built extension cabinet

A beautiful 1958 Fender Tweed Deluxe with the 5e3 circuit. Purchased from Emerald City Guitars in Seattle WA in 2019. You can read the story of that purchase on the 'my guitars' page of this website. 

Very clean and rust free circuit chassis. Speaker is a 1958 P12Q "Concert Series". It came with a 1962 C12R, which was not the Deluxe sound, so I tracked down the current speaker. Difference in sound was very noticeable, so I then tracked down a 1958 P12N "Special Design" for the extension cab to replace the Weber it came with, also a very noticeable improvement. This combination sounds phenomenal, like a Deluxe on steroids. If you are a gigging musician and want the Deluxe sound this is the ultimate vintage Fender Deluxe Tweed stage setup.
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